MEETING:      March 6, 2003


TIME:              3:00 – 4:00 PM

Members present:  Mr. James Mathews, Mr. Terence Parker, Ms. Jonnie Wilson,

Mrs. Beverly Woodson Day, Ms. Becky Woodson, Ms. Jackie Cooper, Dr. Elvin Holt, Dr. Barbara Lyman


VISION:   To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within the SWT and surrounding community.  Empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.







  1. Weekly Lunches

·         Thursdays from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM @ U-CLUB

  1. Weekly Meetings

·         Wednesdays @ 2:30 PM (location to be determined)




  1. Vincent Morton is interested in participating in any funding initiatives that may happen on campus
  2. Coalition should actively use the newly designed newsletter to pass on information to the membership
  3. Coalition members feel that Dr. Trauth laid out the challenge that lay ahead of SWT.  The Coalition needs to have input in what will drive the university in the coming years and the Coalition needs to be represented everywhere.  Members agreed that now is the time to develop our plans and strategies so that we are in the best possible position to assist Dr. Trauth meet her goals, as well as, we meet ours.
  4. The Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff now has a checking account.  Members are encouraged to pay dues--$12.00 per semester/$24.00 per academic year.
  5. Members proofed the newly designed membership cards.  All paid members will receive membership cards.
  6. The Coalition should consider honoring Dana Smith and Kenny Tucker for their role in desegregating Southwest Texas State University.
  7. Michelle Hearn, an African American student has been selected to go to New York to interview for a Rockerfellow Fellowship.
  8. A Virtual Mentoring Program has been established and will be tested after Spring Break.
  9. The Gates Fellowship now requires students to be nominated while still in high school.  Coalition members were encouraged to nominate high school students they know.
  10. Paws Preview selected two Coalition members as Den namesakes:  Den Parker (Terence Parker) and Den Wilson (Jonnie Wilson). 



1.  Letter to Dr. Trauth thanking her for meeting with the Coalition recently and outlining our discussion items/plan of action.

2.  Letter to Dr. Mayo to thank her for a great Black History Month presentation and exhibit.

3.  Get an update from Dr. Smith and Dr. Benn to ascertain where is our assistance needed in the upcoming Minority Enhancement Conference.


4.  Go forward with the newsletter.  Circulate the newsletter via email to all Black faculty and staff members, Deans, Student Affairs Council and Black student organizations.


5.  Get correct e-mail addresses of all Black Faculty and staff members.


6.  Send a greeting card to LaTonya Henry who is recovering from major surgery.