MEETING:      February 5, 2003


TIME:              1:30 PM

Members Present:  James Mathews, Becky Woodson, Jonnie Wilson, Terence Parker, Vincent Morton, Jackie Cooper, Dr. JoAnne Smith


VISION:   To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within the SWT and surrounding community.  Empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.



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  1. Meeting with President Trauth – February 11th @ 2PM (location to be determined)
    • Update statistical findings/reports on faculty/staff
    • Update faculty/staff accomplishments for Sherri Benn
    • Develop questions for discussion with President Trauth (gather concerns from other faculty/staff/students/community figures)
  2. Weekly Lunches

·         Thursdays from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM @ U-CLUB

  1. Weekly Meetings

·         Wednesdays @ 2:30 PM (location to be determined)

  1. Upcoming Meetings

·         February 13th @ 1:30 PM (location to be determined) – Follow up after the meeting with the President




  1. We are aware of the fact that a Minority Enhancement Conference was held in November in conjunction with the Board of Regents’ meeting to address minority faculty/staff hiring practices.  A similar conference is being planned, hosted here at SWT.  What is your expectation for the conference being planned?  Is there a possibility that the Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff can participate in this conference?


  1. With the University’s existing goal toward diversity, how will the recently imposed budget constraints affect Black faculty/staff hiring?


  1. What measures or incentives are in place to retain Black faculty/staff—to help keep them motivated?  If none exist, what would you recommend?


4.  What measures are in place for staff development programs at SWT to groom       existing Black faculty/staff for high-ranking positions at SWT?


5.  With existing members of the President’s Cabinet nearing eligibility for     retirement, are there any plans to diversify the President’s Cabinet?


6.  We are concerned about Dr. Fluker and her return to campus.  Is there anything we    can do as an organization to facilitate that process?


  1. As an organization, what are your expectations of the Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff?


  1. What do you see as the role that accountability of chairs and deans for diversity aims could play in moving us forward in recruiting and retaining African American faculty?


  1. Why is it that Laurie's proven leadership development and experience (Presidential Fellow, Dean at ACC) are not being tapped as has been the case for others.


  1. What is your spin on how the Diversity conference being held at SWT on March 4th will help move diversity aims forward?  What concrete results are expected?