MEETING:              February 11, 2003

LOCATION:             President Trauth’s Office

TIME:              2:00 – 3:00 PM

Members Present:  James Mathews, Dr. Joni Charles, Terence Parker, Vincent Morton, Jackie Cooper, Dr. JoAnne Smith, Dr. Barbara Lyman, Dr. Sherri Benn, Dr. Laurie Fluker


VISION:   To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within the SWT and surrounding community.  Empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.





  1. Follow-up Meeting (after meeting with Dr. Trauth) – February 18 @ 1:30PM (3.11.1)
    • Develop proactive plan as a result of discussion with President Trauth

      2.  Weekly Lunches

·         Thursdays from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM @ U-CLUB

3.  Weekly Meetings

·         Wednesdays @ 2:30 PM (location to be determined)

4.  Upcoming Meetings

·         To be determined



The discussion opened with Dr. Trauth, stating that SWT has four goals:  Recruit a diverse student body; retain those students; recruit a diverse faculty; and retain a diverse faculty.


To this end the Coalition asked how can it become involved in the upcoming Minority Enhancement Conference hosted at SWT.  Ways of participation:  Session facilitators and scribes; look at content of program-provide feedback as to whether sessions can develop strategies to reach SWT’s stated goals, after conference Coalition can review strategies developed.


Dr. Trauth continued by stating that the university is getting ready to kick off a new round of strategic planning.  Academic departments will get an outline with question needing a response.  Responses will address diversity and the Closing the Gaps initiative.


The Coalitions involvement:  People will be needed to ready plans from their own division and then read plans from across campus—will have more opportunity for input before final plan is drawn. 


The Coalition shared its concerned for division/department accountability for establishing and maintaining diversity.  Dr. Trauth responded that Deans are held responsible for recruiting and retaining faculty.  She believes the upcoming conference is a good step toward accomplishing the faculty recruiting and retention goals.  The university has to be careful with allocating resources for diversity in this court circuit.  The Deans must work to access candidates and have an environment that will enable them to search the country.

The Coalition added that people should be allowed to be creative in recruitment and retention measures—no barriers (real or perceived) should be placed in front of people as they seek to diversify their departments/divisions.


President Trauth urged the Coalition to use the planning cycle to advance an agenda.  This is a key time—examine what the issues are and get them added to the University’s plan.  The reward for all of our efforts will be that we will have a University that prepares all of out students to go out into the real world.


The Coalition offered its assistance in recruiting by stating that its members are willing to meet/greet and or dine with prospective Black candidates, as well as, stressed the importance of capitalizing on the talents of current Black faculty and staff by providing appropriate opportunities for their true talents and skills to be maximized.


Post-Meeting with Dr. Trauth (5th Floor JCK)

Action Items:

Meet soon to examine the discussion with the President

Coalition should meet with the President at least once a semester

Decide exactly how the Coalition will participate in the upcoming Minority Enhancement Conference