Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff

Minutes for February 3, 2004



Present were:    Jonnie Wilson, Michael Corke, Dr. Rod Fluker, Willie Burleson, James Mathews, Dr. Laurie Fluker, Dr. Joanne Smith, Beverly Woodson Day, Jacqueline Cooper, Sallie Miller, Becky Woodson, and Vincent Morton.


Vision:            To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within Texas State and the surrounding community, and to empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.


Agenda Items:




Everyone present stated their name and department.  The ones present were:

                        Jonnie Wilson                           MSA

                        Michael Corke                         Campus Rec.

                        Dr. Rod Fluker             Dean of Students

                        Willie Burleson             Supervisor-Emergency Maintenance

                        James Mathews                        Student Learning Assistance Center

                        Dr. Laurie Fluker                      Mass Communications

                        Dr. Joanne Smith         

                        Beverly Woodson Day Admissions

                        Jacqueline Cooper                    Admissions

                        Sallie Miller                 

                        Becky Woodson                      University Library

                        Vincent Morton                       



Welcome to New Members


We know that there are others on campus who have been hired recently that are not a part of the Coalition, and we wanted to find a way to get everyone involved.  It was suggested that we form a hospitality committee to contact new African American employees to make them aware of the coalition.  Ms. Angela Ausbrooks has agreed to chair this committee. 


We will make efforts to get a copy of our latest newsletter put into the new employee packets at “New Employee Orientation.”  However, our ultimate goal is to reach each employee face-to-face and give them an invitation to our activities.



Plans for New Projects


Vincent Morton proposed that a President’s Letter be displayed on the CBFS website.  He will prepare the letter and meet with Becky Woodson about the location for this letter on the website.


A suggestion was made that the Coalition needs to circulate a flyer containing information about the continued existence of the Coalition and its officers.  This flyer will be distributed to the President, President’s Cabinet, Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, Historically Black Organizations, Equity & Access, and other important campus offices.


The members of the Coalition voiced a need for the CBFS to have a “tag line” or motto and a logo.


The email addresses for the existing members as well as new members of the CBFS needs to be updated.  Regular contact by email (see Jonnie Wilson for updated email listing) to the African-American student body is being considered as a way to inform them about the Coalition and what is going on around campus.



What’s Happening In Your Area?


Dr. Joanne Smith thanks the Coalition for the get well gestures that she received during her down time for surgery.  They were greatly appreciated.


Dr. Laurie Fluker announced her return to Texas State University in January to the Department of Mass Communications.  Congratulations on your return.  Dr. Fluker also informed the Coalition that the Austin Chapter of TAFY would assist the CBFS in any of its efforts.


James Mathews mentioned the success of his virtual mentoring program and would like to expand it to include all African-American students.


Michael Corke mentioned utilizing the university’s resources (golf course and camp) to host a recognition for former and current Texas State affiliates who have played an integral part in what/who/where the university is today.



New Business


The Coalition was asked to donate funds ($106) towards the purchase of a banner for the Black Student Alliance's affirmative action panel.  James Mathews motioned that the Coalition donate the necessary funds.  Jacqueline Cooper seconded that motion.


The Coalition officers will meet to decide on a departing gift for the LaFleur’s, thanking them for their service to Texas State.


Dues are $12 per semester or $24 per year.  Automatic drafting for this purpose is available. 



New Officers


2004 Coalition of Black Faculty & Staff officers:

President, Vincent Morton

Treasurer, Sallie Miller

Secretary, Becky Woodson.