Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff

Minutes for December 3, 2003



Present were:    Sallie Miller, Jacqueline Co oper, Beverly Woodson Day, Joanne Smith, Sherri Benn, Rod Fluker Sr., Becky Woodson, Joni Charles, and James Mathews.


Vision:            To promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within Texas State and the surrounding community, and to empower and encourage other faculty and staff to be about the coalition.


Agenda Items:




Everyone present stated their name and department.  The ones present were:

                        Sallie Miller                                          Residence Lif e

                        Jacqueline Cooper                                Admissions

                        Beverly Woodson Day                         Admissions

                        Joanne Smith                                        VPSA

                        Sherri Benn                                          MSA

                        Rod Fluker, Sr.                                    Dean of Students Office

                        Becky Woodson                                  University Library

                        Joni Charles                                          Finance & Economics  



Welcome to New Members




Plans for New Projects


Jonnie Wilson informed us that she and Dr. Joanna Smith were working on plans for the new employee welcome ceremony.  The ceremony is planned for sometime in December because everyone is extremely busy right now.  An announcement will be sent out later with the details.


James Mathews will arrange a meeting between the coalition and the Hispanic Policy Network (HPN) to determine similar concerns and issues.  This meeting can be very informative because of the current initiative to make Texas State UniversitySan Marcos a “Hispanic Serving Institution.” 



What’s Happening In Your Area?


James C. Mathews—No comments.


Beverly Woodson DayThree opportunities for employment have surfaced in the Admissions Office for individuals looking to pursue Public Relations type careers.  Two positions are currently posted on the Texas State employment website under Admissions Counselor ( if you are interested.


An interest meeting will be held at the Admissions Anex on Tuesday, December 9, from 12:00pm – 1:00pm and 1 :00pm – 2:00pm for those interested in the Hometown Recruiting Program.  Any questions regarding this program can be directed to Beverly Woodson Day.


The planning stages for the African American Leadership Conference (AALC) are underway for Student Coordinators.  The application deadline is January 2004.  For more information, contact Beverly Woodson Day.


Dr. Sherri Benn—Robert Gray would like to be a part of the Coalition agenda to express his concerns regarding employment discrimination.  A contact number has been provided for the Coalition to contact Mr. Gray and schedule a meeting with the Coalition.


Dr. Rod Fluker—Austin TAFY needs Institutional Representatives from Texas State University – San Marcos to be a part of their Executive Council.  Currently, the local chapter, which includes San Marcos and the surrounding areas has over 100 members.  A list of curr ent TAFY members will be distributed to make nominations for Texas State Institutional Representatives.


Dr. Laurie Fluker would like to thank the Coalition for all of their support and asks that we continue using her situation to help in similar circumstances and for hiring purposes.   


Dr. Joni Charles—No comments.


Becky Woodson—Updated the Coalition on her career developments with the Federal Government.


Dr. Joanne SmithThe provost committee has nar rowed the search to ten individuals and three alternates. 


Dr. Smith will undergo a surgical procedure over the break.  She will be out for approximately five weeks.   



New Business


A Round Table Discussion has been scheduled with Dr. Studer and member of the Coalition for December 12, from 11:30am – 1:00pm to discuss current diversity issues.  A location for this meeting is being arranged and all of the details will be emailed to members and posted on the website.  Attendance by Coalition members is encouraged.


A motion was made by Dr. Sherri Benn to begin a directory of black faculty and staff.  Becky Woodson seconds that motion.  A proposal will be made to the Equity and Access Committee for means to fund this project. 



New Officers


Dr. Sherri Benn will chair the nominating committee for electing officers for the 2004 school year.  If you are interested in running for office or would like to nominate someone, please contact her or Mr. Terence Parker.   Elections will be administered electronically.  After the election results have been tallied, a meeting will be held to install the new officers.