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Bobcat - T.J. Hardy

T.J.'s Thoughts on Texas State

Why Texas State

I was told that Texas State boasts the best community of students in Texas, and that has held true. While the river on a hot day is a beautiful thing, a good show on the Square can make a night, and the classes are challenging, I have to say that my favorite part of Texas State is the people I’ve met here.

Favorite Professors

One of my favorites is English professor Susan Hanson. I am continually impressed with her character. She is the type of teacher I want to work for because she cares and she has whatever quality it is that makes people want to better themselves. My other favorite professor is a history professor by the name of Dr. Pohl. He is the type of professor I have always envisioned when thinking about college. He serves as a reminder that I am getting my money’s worth.

Best College Advice

When you first arrive at college, look for a community of people you can grow with, be real with, and do life with. It is those people who will make your college experience. Put yourself out there; being a loner on the outskirts will cheat you out of the best years of your life.

Best Studying Advice

I have absolutely no attention span. If you’re like me, find a study room in the library, lock yourself away from any and all visual or audio stimuli, and get crackin’! It’s like a cocoon, and when I emerge I’m ready to rock that exam.

Where I Go for Fun

I go wherever my friends are, and to the river, of course. It’s the jewel on the crown of Texas State. I’m pretty into the outdoors as well; I like to climb mountains, snowboard, camp and hike. If there’s time left in the day, the Coffee Pot always makes a good cup.

My Organizations

Campus Crusade for Christ, leader
Associated Student Government, senator representing the College of Liberal Arts and member of Student Relations Committee


Dean’s List

Why I am Involved at Texas State

If there is one thing I’ve discovered that holds true about college, it’s that few friends are actually made inside the classroom. Extra-curricular activities, clubs and organizations hold the key to lifelong friendships and networking capabilities. Also, a great many of them give you an opportunity to live for something outside of yourself, and that is one of the sweetest parts of life.

What I Tell Future Texas State Students

I tell them that, for a variety of reasons, Texas State is the best university in Texas. I tell them that college is whatever they choose to make it, but the environment at Texas State allows the college experience to be so much more life-changing than at any other college I have ever seen. And then I usually say something profound like “Texas State is the bomb.com.”

T.J. Hardy Stats

MAJOR: English and History

HOMETOWN: Grapevine, Texas

HIGH SCHOOL: Grapevine High School

Bobcat Quote

“I was told that Texas State boasts the best community of students in Texas, and that has held true.”

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