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Bobcat - Sean Anthony Guillory

Sean's Thoughts on Texas State

Why I Chose Philosophy

I find the subject an open forum to create and challenge all facets of life. It’s like the Ultimate Fighting Championship of academia.

What’s unique about the program?

The Philosophy Dialogue Series is special because it’s a time where Sophists and Sages (as Dr. Carson calls them) don't just quote what's in a book as an answer, but actively create new ideas that have yet to be quoted. In other words, it's the kind of learning the learners have been looking for. It is open to all students — no matter their department — to listen and to host a dialogue series in probably any subject that they want, as long as they can hold a conversation for at least an hour. Try floating Underwater Basket Weaving and Kant by Dr. Carson if you can. The dialogue will get you angry if you think you are right all the time, so humility is the mantra.

Career Goals

My two goals are to help expand the field of humor studies/philosophy of comedy and to try to get philosophy taught in high schools.

Typical Class Day

My day is split between classes and my tutoring job at Student Support Services. In whatever time is left after studying, I try to watch at least one fun show or movie and learn at least one thing that has nothing to do with school.

Favorite Professor

My philosophy professor, Dr. Audrey McKinney, is my hero because of the immense knowledge she holds in the subject and because she has always been there for me academically and emotionally. She’s also funnier than your favorite comedian.

Best Studying Advice

Don’t study where you sleep.

My Clubs, Organizations and Teams

Hip Hop Congress
Phi Sigma Pi Honor Society
Ethics Bowl
Student Support Services Advisory Board
The Comedy Congregation

My Leadership Positions

Hip-Hop Congress, promotion chair
The Comedy Congregation, vice president


When I’m not jotting down interesting stuff into one of my notebooks, I am either finding something new to laugh at or finding a restaurant that serves orange soda.

Favorite Book

The Internet

Best Campus Hangout

The Psychology Building, which houses the Philosophy Department, is my favorite because there you can smell the think in the air.

Best Food on Campus

The quesadillas at Jones Food Court are the Truth with a capital “T,” plus Jones serves orange soda.

Favorite San Marcos Hangouts

The Paper Bear Texas Sized Gift Shop is a mix of a haberdashery, toy store, Pandora’s Box and a convenient place to get taffy. Gil’s Broiler, which is right up the street from Paper Bear, is a great place to get a good chicken burger, Manske Roll drizzled in caramel and a root beer float that uses real ice cream.

What I Like Most About Texas State

I like that I have found so many people here who “follow their own scripts.” I’ve met frat boys who like Stravinsky, hip-hop heads who look more like Hardy Boys heads, foreign exchange students who breakdance, and the most eloquent people who have never worn a suit in their lives. It’s all of those Armies of One that make this place so special.

Sean Anthony Guillory Stats

MAJOR: Philosophy

MINOR: English

HOMETOWN: Bossier City, Louisiana

HIGH SCHOOL: Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bobcat Quote

“The Philosophy Dialogue Series is special because it’s a time where Sophists and Sages don't just quote what's in a book as an answer, but actively create new ideas that have yet to be quoted.”

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