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Bobcat - Nina Shanley

Nina's Thoughts on Texas State

Why Texas State

When I applied, I was planning on studying Geography and English — two areas in which Texas State has been recognized. When I realized that anthropology really was my area of interest, I was again very impressed with that department.

Why Anthropology and Creative Writing

I always have had an interest in what drives human action, as well as what aspects set us apart as “human.” Anthropologists deal directly with these questions, and studying in the Department of Anthropology gives me the skills to answer these questions for myself. Also, I have a true love of writing, and the Department of English here at Texas State is phenomenal. The professors in both departments have all been wonderful and it’s great to be taught by specialists who know what it takes to be successful.

Career Goals

I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with my degree, but I know I want to do something in the field of anthropology. That’s the greatest thing about the program here at Texas State — no matter what you want to pursue, there are mentors and courses to guide your study.

Favorite Professor

I really have liked all of my professors. The entire teaching body has been approachable and helpful through my college career. Dr. Jon McGee has given me a lot of guidance through my years of study. Probably the best gift has been his time — he has been a sounding board for my ideas, even though his time is always in high demand.

My Most Valuable Learning Experience at Texas State

I highly recommend the Study Abroad Programs offered at Texas State. I learned just how much I can depend on myself, because when you’re abroad, you have to rely on your own instincts. Oddly, at the same time I also learned just how much support I truly have from friends and family — and how much I depend on that support. My trip to England was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Best Studying Advice

I think it’s really important for everyone to determine how they study best. I have to go to class, read the material, then take notes on the readings, and finally organize my class and reading notes together because I absorb material best when I can manipulate the information. Also, I know I study best on my own in the library because I’ll get distracted in other environments. For some, study groups are beneficial, others require the stimulus of cafés, and others prefer the quiet of solitude. Some need to hear the information, while others can read it. It’s really important to figure out what study habits make you feel confident about what you’ve learned.


My Organizations

The Midnight Breeze Dance Company. It’s a belly dance troupe here in San Marcos, and as a member, I have made great friends, found a great exercise and discovered a very fulfilling means of artistic expression.

What I Like Most About Texas State

The warm and friendly people are the best thing about this university.

What I Tell Prospective Texas State Students

I tell people that Texas State is really coming into its own. The moniker “Rising Star of Texas” is fitting because every department is always improving, putting our university on the national radar.

Nina Shanley's Stats

MAJOR: Anthropology, English(Creative Writing)

HOMETOWN: San Antonio, Texas

HIGH SCHOOL: Judson High School

Bobcat Quote

"I really have liked all of my professors. The entire teaching body has been approachable and helpful through my college career."

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