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Bobcat - Hoda Mohamed

Hoda Mohamed

Hoda’s Thoughts on Texas State

Why Texas State

Texas State is known for its outstanding education program, so this was my first-choice school.

Why Elementary Education

When I was in kindergarten I would walk around in my mom’s high heels with a clipboard bossing people around, making up fake names of students to line up. I knew it was my calling when I wanted my mom to buy me school supplies for my “pretend” school.

Career Goals

I hope to get into the Teacher Fellows graduate program, so I can get my master’s in education. I want to further my own education so I can be the best in furthering a child’s education.

How My Major Will Help Me Reach My Goals

Everything I learn in school and in the field helps me get one step closer to my goal. Student teaching is so surreal for me right now because I haven’t had my own class before, and I am learning so much.

Favorite Professor

Dr. Minda Lopez taught us real-life situations, not just from the book. She guided me through my field experience, taught me not to be afraid and to try at least everything once before you turn your back on it (regarding teaching certain grade levels). Dr. Timothy Kinard taught me to think outside the box. Let kids learn through play and think for yourself. I will use the tools he taught me for the rest of my life.

Best Course I've Taken

Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten Children with Dr. Kinard. This was my real foot in the door with education, my first taste of real experience educating.

What I Like Most About Texas State

The atmosphere and the hills, because I got a great workout! I love intramurals as well, because I need to play soccer as a break from studying sometimes. I also met a lot of great people through soccer.

Best Advice I Received

My brother told me that a lot of the people you meet in college will be the ones you’ll remember the rest of your life and some of the best friends you’ll make. I’ve met some of my best friends in college, and I will never forget them.

What I Tell Future Texas State Students

Texas State is one of the best communities I have gotten the chance to be a part of. All the resources you’ll ever need are available, and everywhere you go you’ll make a new friend, whether on the bus ride, in class, or just walking on campus.

Hoda Mohamed Stats

MAJOR: Elementary Education EC-6

HOMETOWN: Austin, Texas

HIGH SCHOOL: McNeil High School

Bobcat Quote

"Be open to new experiences, be willing to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, and make good grades from the beginning, because if you don’t it can hurt you in the end."

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