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Bobcat - Elizabeth Yee

Elizabeth Yee

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Elizabeth's Thoughts on Texas State

Why School Psychology

I’ve always wanted to work in a school, but I couldn’t see myself as a teacher or administrator. I had considered becoming a guidance counselor, but decided that I wanted to do more and have a greater impact than counseling would allow. I took an introductory course on school psychology my senior year of undergrad and discovered that this was the perfect fit for me.

Favorite Professor

My favorite professor so far is Dr. Rachel Robillard. She is a straight shooter and tends to be brutally honest. She is always available to chat or lend a piece of advice. She is very helpful and patient. I also like that she takes the time to get to know you and seems genuinely interested in what is happening in your life.

Best Course I've Taken

It was a counseling theories course with Dr. Christopher Brown, who is an amazing professor. He consistently asked for our feedback and input in order to make the course better for us. He shared personal experiences and went above and beyond what the course required to teach us the theories while giving us a glimpse into the life that private practice affords.

Most Valuable Learning Experience

My most valuable learning experience occurred while working in the university’s learning disability assessment clinic. We had to depend upon other offices to get our clients, which was frustrating, while also trying to make the most of my experience. I had to learn how to let go of control, which was a good learning experience for me. It was wonderful to work with a partner and an actual client. I learned a lot about myself as a school psychologist, a student and a person.

Best Opportunity

The best opportunity to come my way was the option to become a Texas State student. I was hesitant at first after living in another state for so long. Initially, I missed my friends in Virginia and I was not entirely comfortable here, but after several weeks I began to get to know my classmates and professors and realized that this was the best decision I’d ever made and the best opportunity I had ever been offered.

The Atmosphere at Texas State

I would describe the atmosphere as lively. I always feel energized when walking around campus. In graduate school I don’t tend to leave the education building often, but I enjoy going over to the library or student center for a change of scenery and pace. I like walking around the campus and feeling like I’m a part of it. There is usually a carefree feeling that I don’t think many campuses can accomplish. I think this is because of the support level from the faculty and staff.

Best Texas State Event

The Texas State versus Lamar University football game. My younger sister attends Lamar and she was able to come up for the game. My family has season tickets to Lamar football and it was fun to be able to root for our own schools. I really enjoyed being at the game with my family and watching the Bobcats beat the Cardinals.

Elizabeth's Stats

  • MAJOR: Specialist in School Psychology
  • HOMETOWN: Beaumont, Texas
  • HIGH SCHOOL: Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia
  • TRANSFERED FROM: James Madison University

Bobcat Quote

"In school psychology we come into the program with a cohort of usually about 10 people. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of the people in my cohort. I really enjoy the time that I spend with my classmates discussing our academic and life experiences. I have also enjoyed working in groups and partnering with each of my classmates. They have truly made my academic experience exceptional."

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