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Bobcat - Anya Mityushina

Anna Mityushina

Anya's Thoughts on Texas State

Why Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a window to understanding the sanctions and laws of a country that is still very new in my mind. In my pursuit of becoming a lawyer, criminal justice provides a strong platform for my future academic learning.

How My Major Will Help Me Reach My Goals

Texas State’s criminal justice program is highly tailored to professionalism, and teaches students how to become leaders of tomorrow. It is also full of professors who are engaged with field work and the industry of criminal justice. It provides students with firsthand experience in the field.

Best Course I've Taken

Organized Crime Theory was one of the more interesting electives I’ve completed at Texas State. The captivating stories and the experience of Dr. Tomás Mijares in the field made it one of the best learning environments. It was also a favorite of mine due to the tremendously interesting topic of organized crime studies revolving around Russia. Being a Russian in an organized crime course was rather interesting, especially while giving accounts of my former life there.

Most Valuable Learning Experience

Learning to become a leader and motivate others is something that I consider the most valuable. I am constantly learning to improve in this field. The professionalism and direction from my teachers make it possible for me to interpret and use leadership skills in my life.

Honors and Awards

Dean’s list, spring and fall 2011; C. Compton Project Paper Winner: An Overview of U.S. Courts and Procedures for the Purposes of International Studies.

What I'll Remember Most

The diversity in the classroom allows for invigorating learning experiences, because there is so much variety in ethnicities, experiences, age, knowledge and more. As a Russian national, and now a U.S. citizen, I utilize and contribute to the readily available database of knowledge of my peers and teachers. This foundation produces students who are prepared for the diversity of the real world, with strong networking ties to Texas State and beyond.

Best Thing About Texas State

Texas State feels like it is a relatively small public school. It presents the opportunity for each student to develop and improve, if they are determined. And of course the campus is tucked away, with nature and buildings that provide a great environment for studies.

Favorite Texas State Event

Barack Obama’s visit to Texas State during the 2008 presidential campaign. It was invigorating to experience so many passionate individuals. Experiences such as these open the eyes of students with international background into the world of politics, law and determination. Looking back, I can trace my initial interest in law to this event, as it inspired me to take closer look at the challenging field of criminal justice.

What I Tell Future Texas State Students

Texas State is a great platform for its students because it is so diverse. The classrooms reflect individuals from various ages, cultures and perspectives. The teachers are passionate, knowledgeable and have firsthand knowledge in the field, which enriches the classroom experience for the student. The campus is beautiful, and the atmosphere is perfect for anyone who is willing to invest in their human capital.

Anya's Stats

  • MAJOR: Criminal Justice
  • HOMETOWN: Zheleznodorozhny, Russia
  • HIGH SCHOOL: Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) in LBJ High School, Austin, Texas

Bobcat Quote

"The atmosphere, the student interactions, and the overall education make Texas State a wonderful place to study."

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