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Bobcat - Alexis Ruiz

Alexis Ruiz

Alexis' Thoughts on Texas State

Why Texas State

The beautiful campus and the friendly people are what definitely convinced me to come here! I also wanted to stay close to home, but not live in San Antonio, so Texas State was perfect.

Why International Relations and French

I’ve always had an interest for different cultures and languages. I’m always interested in different customs, different politics, and the intriguing history of any culture, so I try to learn as much about any country I feel drawn to. Languages are also my passion. I speak Spanish fluently, so French was the language I concentrated on learning next. I’ve been taking French since my freshman year in high school, and so my sophomore year here at Texas State I decided to go for it and make it my double major.

Career Goals

I would like to continue to learn languages, most specifically Italian, Portuguese, and Arabic. My highest goal and dream is to become an ambassador for either France, Spain, Mexico, Canada or Portugal.

How My Major Will Help Me Reach My Goals

I believe that International Relations has given me an insight into each of the countries I would like to represent in the future as an ambassador. I’ve learned a bit of their culture, politics, and geography, and would like to one day travel there to continue to learn and one day feel as a member of their nation.

Typical class-day schedule

All my class day varies depending on work. I usually get up around 8 to get to my first classes at 9:30. After, or between classes I might be at work in the Anthropology office, and after some more classes, I go back to Lantana Hall, where I am a resident assistant, to either work or study.

Favorite Professor

Although I have many professors, my most favorite would have to be Dr. Carole Martin- Modern Languages because of the fact that I have expanded my knowledge of French not just in speaking it, but learning French culture and history through taking her courses.

My Most Valuable Learning Experience at Texas State

Being here at Texas State has strengthened my personality. I’ve learned what it takes to be a good student and that having a good work ethic, though there are challenges and times of struggle, has its many rewards.

Best Studying Advice

Just do it! Put the phone on silent, get off Facebook/Myspace, and just do it. If it takes getting a study group together, do that, and if you have to do it by yourself, then it’ll be lonely, but get it done!

My Organizations

Sigma Iota Rho The Honors Society for International Studies
Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity
Bobcat Awakening
Resident Assistant

Benefits of organization membership

In joining these organizations, I was able to meet a diverse group of people with the same interests and goals as my own. This has helped me find support and strength to do what I need to do for my future.

Leadership Positions

Secretary and Vice President of Sigma Iota Rho
Senior RA at Lantana Hall

Honors, Awards and Scholarships

I have received the Nina Vaca-Humrichouse Scholarship for three years in a row from the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies. I have also won the “Passive of the Month” for November 2008 from the Residence Life and Housing Department, and I have also been voted by my staff at Lantana Hall as “RA of the Month” for August 2008.

Best Campus Hangout

Lantana Lobby, because Lantana is my home away from home and it’s where I get to see my co-workers, residents, and friends whenever I get the chance.

What you tell people who are interested in attending Texas State

It’s the place to be! When people say college will be the best part of your life, Texas State is where it happens. You will meet great people, take great courses, live in a great town, and make unforgettable memories!

Alexis Ruiz Stats

MAJOR: International Relations
and French

HOMETOWN: San Antonio, Texas

HIGH SCHOOL: Tom C. Clark High School

Bobcat Quote

"The people. I’ve been to many campuses in Texas, and never have I found friendlier people than the ones at Texas State."

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