High School Camp Audition Music

Below are the audition excerpts for Summer Concert Band Camp. Good Luck!

Click on the link below for a PDF copy of the High School audition music!

Bass Clarinet-HS (PDF, 67 KB)
Bassoon-HS (PDF, 35 KB)
Clarinet-HS (PDF, 48 KB)
Euphonium-HS (PDF, 49 KB)
Flute-HS (PDF, 64 KB)
French Horn-HS (PDF, 46 KB)
Oboe-HS (PDF, 47 KB)
Percussion-HS (PDF, 62 KB)
Saxophone-HS (PDF, 49 KB)
Trombone-HS (PDF, 43 KB)
Trumpet-HS (PDF, 40 KB)
Tuba-HS (PDF, 57 KB)