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Speakers' Series

Spring 2018 Schedule

Dr. Corey SparksPoverty and Female Homicide in Mexican Municipalities: A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Analysis

Speaker: Corey Sparks | Associate Professor, College of Public Policy, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Date/Time: Friday, March 9, 2018 | 3:00 pm
Location: Evans Liberal Arts 114

The most condemnable expression of gender inequality is, without a doubt, violence against women, and the most extreme case of violence against women is homicide. Studies have shown a narrow relationship between poverty and violence. Using data from several official Mexican sources, we estimate Bayesian spatio-temporal generalized linear mixed models to understand the association between poverty and female homicide in Mexican municipios between 1990 and 2010. We find support for our research hypotheses that significant geographic clustering of female homicide exists in Mexico, and that the spatial patterns are persistent over time. Related to the risk of mortality, poverty shows significant associations, indicating support for our other hypothesis that poverty and female homicide are related, net of other controls, and that these effects are especially strong in remote areas with high poverty rates.

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Specters of Social Antagonism:
The Cultural Psychodynamics of Aggression Dreams among the Highland Maya

Dr. Kevin GroarkSpeaker: Dr. Kevin Groark | Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) and Adjunct Faculty/Psychoanalytic Associate at New Center for Psychoanalysis in Los Angeles, CA. He holds dual Ph.D.s in Anthropology and Psychoanalysis, and his current research focuses on ethnomedicine, dream experience, intersubjectivity, emotion culture, and the integration of psychoanalysis, anthropology, and social theory.
Date/Time: Monday, April 2, at 2:00pm
Location: Evans Liberal Arts, Room 245

Dr. Groark presents an analysis of pathogenic "aggression dreams" among the highland Maya of San Juan Chamula (Chiapas, Mexico), exploring the complex connections among sickness, interpersonal aggression, ideologies of social antagonism, and the spectral phantasies that shadow these social phenomena. Building on this ethnographic foundation, he develops a "cultural psychodynamic" account, arguing that the aggression dream serves as an experience structure in which inner and outer realities become deeply interwoven, often resulting in an increased sense of insecurity and existential threat. The paper closes with reflections on the need for an "anthropological metapsychology" that integrates phenomenology, ethno-ontology, and broader "cultural psychodynamic" processes.

Dr. Louie_Valencia GarciaClashing with Fascism: Antiauthoritarian Youth Culture in Franco’s Spain

Speaker: Louie Dean Valencia-García | Assistant Professor, Department of History, Texas State University
Date/Time: Friday, April 20, 2018 | 3pm
Location: Evans Liberal Arts 114

In 1978, after forty years of dictatorship, Madrid became the center of both a young democracy and a vibrant artistic scene. By the early 1980s, young Spaniards occupied public plazas, subverted Spanish cultural norms, and undermined the authoritarian state by participating in a postmodern punk subculture that became known as the “Movida madrileña.” By examining a wide range of sources culled from government archives, school textbooks, comics, oral histories, nightclubs, and fanzines, this project demonstrates ways in which an antiauthoritarian youth culture developed and describes how young people came to clash with Spanish fascism.

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