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The Meshing of Two Cultures

Mexican Americans tend to visit and take offerings to a loved one’s gravesite on many different occasions, including birthdays, death anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, and Mexican and American holidays. These pictures show how American holidays and cultural icons are being incorporated into Mexican grave decorating customs. San Antonio flower shop owners have noticed a trend toward American commercialized images in their traditional silk flower arrangements, as well as a rise in professional sports team logos and colors.

Commercial Holiday Pop Icon Images


Considering the fact that San Antonio only has one professional sports team, which lends itself to the creation of diehard fans, it is no surprise that the San Antonio Spurs have emerged in grave decorations. The use of the Spurs logo, motto, and colors in coronas seems to be on the rise. Many of the following pictures were taken shortly after the Spurs won the NBA World Championship in 2007, while some were taken in previous years.


These decorations, similar to Chad Richardson's assessment of the language of Tex-Mex in his book Batos, Bolillos, Pochos, and Pelados: Class and Culture on the South Texas Border, are a form of cultural identity for those who see themselves as neither fully Mexican nor American. These decorations are the result of years of residential and cultural segregation that led to strong instances of cultural pride. These decorations are a statement of who their decorators are; part Mexican and part American.