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Christina Conlee

Texas State University Applied Anthropology, Christina Conlee, ArchaeologyProfessor
Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara
Phone: (512) 245-6582
Office: ELA 235

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
Archaeology of the Andean area of South America, dynamics of complex societies, causes and consequences of collapse, foundations and relations of power, impact of imperial conquest in provincial regions, population movements, ceramic analysis, and stable isotope analysis.

Current Research:
I am an archaeologist whose current research is focused on investigating the dynamics of complex societies in the desert of Peru. I recently started a new project at the site of Huaca del Loro in Nasca to investigate the Middle Horizon time period (AD 600-1000), during which there was possible local resistance to the Wari state. This research will also investigate the causes of collapse and subsequent abandonment of the region at the end of the period. Previously, I conducted research at the site of La Tiza, a large settlement with 5000 years of prehistory spanning early hunters and gatherers until conquest of the region by the Spanish in the 1500s. This work documented major transformations and explored issues such as the role of religion in the development of complex societies, the impact of migration on cultural change, causes and consequences of collapse and abandonment, and the reformation of complex societies after a period of major disruption.

Recent Publications

Conlee, Christina A.
2015    Reestablishment of Complex Societies Following Collapse and Abandonment in Nasca, Peru. In Beyond Collapse: Archaeological Perspectives on Resilience, Revitalization and Reorganization in Complex Societies, edited by Ronald Faulseit. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Vising Scholar Conference, Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, in press.

Conlee, Christina A.
2015    Transformations of Society and Power in Ancient Nasca. Peruvian Archaeology 2:1-35.

Conlee, Christina A.
2014    Nasca Culture Integration and Complexity: A Perspective from the Site of La Tiza. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 35:234-247.

Conlee, Christina and Aldo Noriega
2014     Cabeza Trofeo Nasca y Sacrificio Humano en La Tiza. Arqueología y Sociedad 27:49-58.

Buzon, Michele R., Christina A. Conlee, Antontio Simonetti, Gabriel J. Bowen
2012    The Consequences of Wari Contact in the Nasca region during the Middle Horizon: Archaeological, Skeletal, and Isotopic Evidence. Journal of Archaeological Science 39(8): 2627-2636.

Conlee, Christina A.
2011.   An Exploration of Looted Middle Horizon Tombs from Nasca. Ñawpa Pacha, Journal of Andean Archaeology 31(1):45-54.

Buzon, Michele R., Christina A. Conlee, and Gabriel J. Bowen
2011    Refining Oxygen Isotope Analysis in the Nasca Region of Peru: An Investigation of Water Sources and Archaeological Samples. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 21:446-455.

Conlee, Christina A.
2010    Nasca and Wari: Local Opportunism and Colonial Ties during the Middle Horizon. In Beyond Wari Walls: Exploring the Nature of Middle Horizon Peru away from Wari Centers, edited by Justin Jennings, pp.96-112. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

Eerkens, Jelmer W., Kevin J. Vaughn, Moises Linares-Grados, Christina Conlee, Katharina Schreiber, Michael D. Glascock, and Nicholas Tripcevich
2010    Spatio-temporal Patterns in Obsidian Consumption in the Southern Nasca Region, Peru. Journal of Archaeological Science 37:825-832.

Conlee, Christina A. Michele R. Buzon, Aldo Noriega Gutierrez, Antonio Simonetti and Robert A. Creaser
2009    Identifying Foreigners versus Locals in the Burial Population of Nasca, Peru: An Investigation Using Strontium Isotope Analysis. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:2755-2764.

Current Courses

ANTH 2415               Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 3376R             Theoretical Concepts in Archaeology
ANTH 3349/5349       The Incas
ANTH 3356/5356       Andean Archaeology
ANTH 5345               Artifact Analysis (Ceramics)