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Emily K. Brunson

Texas State University Applied Anthropology, Dr. Brunson, Cultural Anthropology Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington, 2010
Phone: (512) 245-6753
Office: ELA 237

Curriculum Vita

Research and Teaching Interests
medical anthropology, qualitative methods, social network analysis, health disparities, childhood vaccination, health policy, growth and development

I am a medical anthropologist with training in cultural and biological anthropology as well as public health. I have been involved with a variety of research projects relating to health including studies of diabetes care in the US, the impact of household decision-making on child growth and development in Kenya, and safe water practices in India. I am currently working on two research projects: an examination of people’s experiences living without health insurance in central Texas; and a study of how U.S. parents’ decisions about their children’s vaccinations are developed over time.

Selected Publications

Brunson EK. 2015. Identifying parents who are amenable to pro-vaccination conversations. Global Pediatric Health 2:1-7.

Poland CM, Brunson EK. 2015. The need for a multi-disciplinary perspective on vaccine hesitancy and acceptance. Vaccine 33(2):277-279.

Brunson EK. 2013. How parents make decisions about their children’s vaccinations. Vaccine 31(46):5466-5470.

Brunson EK. 2013. The impact of social networks on parents’ vaccination decisions. Pediatrics 131(5):e1397-e1404.

Courses Taught

ANTH 1312: Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3311: Disease and Society
ANTH 3325: Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3336/5336: Community Research Project
ANTH 4309/5309: Culture, Medicine and the Body
ANTH 5361: Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 5373: Graduate Seminar in Medical Anthropology