FACTS Students

Graduate and undergraduate students at Texas State University regularly work/volunteer in the GEFARL, ORPL, and at the FARF. Some of the current and recent graduate students conducting research at FACTS include:
Alejandra Ayala Bas - Using the Fully Method to Reconstruct the Growth and Development of Undocumented Migrants Found in South Texas (expected May 2016)
Lennon Bates - Comparison of Decomposition Rates between Autopsied and Non-Autopsied Human Remains in Central Texas (May 2014)
Rachel Canfield - Osteometric Sorting: Does the Scale of a Commingled Event Matter?
Hailey Duecker - Size and Shape: An evaluation of sexual dimorphism in Hispanic Crania (December 2014)
James Fancher - Evaluation of Soil Chemistry in Human Decomposition Sites (expected December 2015)
Alexandria Frye - Reduction of Fleshed Sus scrofa domesticus Remains Using a Wood Chipper: Skeletal Trauma and Distribution Patterns (May 2013)
Reina Garcia - Brachial and Crural Indices of Modern North American Populations (May 2014)
Devora Gleiber - The Effect of Mobility Impairment on Femoral Cortical and Trabecular Bone Structure (expected May 2016)
Alexis Goots - Cranial Base Height as an Indicator of Developmental Stress in Native Mexican and American-Born Mexican Populations (expected May 2016)
Kelsee Hentschel - Postmortem Fracture Surface Topography: An Investigation into Differentiating Perimortem and Postmortem Long Bone Blunt Force Trauma Fractures (May 2014)
Amelia Hessey - Sex Estimation from the Greater Sciatic Notch of the Human Pelvis: A Geometric Morphometric Approach (May 2014)
Katherine Harrington - Secular Change in Knee Joint Size and Shape (May 2013)
Marilyn Isaacks - The Use of Near-Infrared Remote Sensing in the Detection of Clandestine Human Remains (expected December 2015)
Aryn Klein - Vulture Scavenging of Pig Remains at Varying Grave Depths (May 2013)
Melinda Knowles - Colon Pollen to Determine the Identity of Ingested Pollen
Gabrielle LaVallo - Population Differences Between the Sexes in Non-Metric Traits of the Pelvis (May 2013)
Hilary Martinez - I Don't Need It. You can Have It: Motivations for Whole Body Donation (May 2013)
Maggie McClain - Examining Patellar Morphology and Musculoskeletal Stress in Prehistoric Populations from Texas (May 2013)
Chloe McDaneld - The Effects of Plastic Tarps on the Rate of Human Decomposition (expected May 2016)
Lauren Meckel - The Utility of Dental Cementum Increment Analysis for Estimating Season of Death in Naturally Decomposed Skeletons (expected May 2016)
Katheryn Phalen - The Effects of Clothing on Human Decomposition (expected August 2013)
Maureen Purcell - Sex Differences in the Femur: A Biomechanical Analysis with Forensic Significance (December 2013)
Justin Pyle - Assessment of Behrensmeyer's Weathering Stages and Their Usefulness for Estimating the Postmortem Interval in Human Remains in Central Texas (expected May 2016)
Amy Sears - A Test of the Utility of the Vass Universal Post-Mortem Interval Formula in Central Texas (May 2013)
Courtney Siegert
Cassie Skipper - Analyzing Biological Relatedness of Individuals from a Late 1800s Missouri Cemetery (expected December 2015)
Kathryn Taylor - Sex Assessment from Carpal Measurements: Discriminant Function Analysis in a Contemporary American Sample (May 2013)
Jaydee Turner - A Geometric Morphometric Analysis of the Navicular Bone in Humans, Chimpanzees, and Baboons (May 2013)
Felicia Wun - Assessing the Utility of Non-metric and Metric Traits in Ancestry Estimation (May 2014)
Margaret Zywicki - A Study of the Predictability of Rib Fracture Patterns Based on Three Different Modes of Fracture (May 2014)