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Field Schools

ANTH 4630: Archaeological Field School: This course is designed to train students in the skills and techniques of modern archaeological survey and excavation of prehistoric sites. May be repeated for credit, but only six hours may be applied toward the major.

St. George’s Caye played a vital role in the history and development of Belize as an independent nation.  This small caye is one of hundreds of islands off the coast of Belize that are part of large reef system, the second largest in the world.

While much has been written about the history of St. George's Caye, the first capital of Belize, there has been little archaeology done on the island.  With this in mind, we initiated the St. George’s Caye Archaeology Project in 2009.  The primary elements of the project are archival research, metal detector survey, subsurface probing, and archaeological excavation.

The St. George’s Caye Archaeology Project