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The Texas State University Future Aerospace-Engineers and Mathematicians Academy (FAMA) program aims to increase participation and retention of historically underserved and underrepresented students in STEM disciplines by offering early space-based STEM  learning experiences for upper elementary and middle school students, family outreach, and professional development  for  pre-service  teachers.  The project will impact more than 1,500 elementary and middle school students per year by providing them with intriguing summer programs, periodic academic-year follow-up sessions,  and  engaging  family community programs. In addition, an Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL)  has been established at Centro Cultural Hispanic de San Marcos and is equipped with computers, laptops, cellular-based devices (such as smart phones and GPS tracking devices) and educational robotics kits to enhance the technological literacy development of the program's students. Student and family materials will be offered as bilingual resources (in English and Spanish), and instructional strategies that value the culture and multi-lingual skills of the majority of students and families will be employed. Targeted educator professional development workshops will be offered to school district teachers who will be recruited as program instructors. School and Community partnerships will be leveraged to create a sustainable program model.