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A small, colorful tropical fish with a background of water plants and genetic code

Combating Cancer with Genetic Research

Research with a unique tropical fish is shining new light in the fight against cancer at Texas State's Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center, a rare biomedical science resource.

athlete tapping dots on a screen

Protecting the Head with More Than Helmets

Dr. Missy Fraser of Texas State’s Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Lab uses sensor-equipped headbands to understand bodily impacts and keep athletes safe.

Student researching in the laboratory.

Tackling Healthcare Disparity from the Lab

Diagnosing and managing disease quickly and affordably is a global problem. Microbiologist Erica Osta, B.S. ’17, wants to pioneer solutions.

research map of s. american research locations

Research Without Borders

The search for knowledge knows no boundaries. In the quest for answers to pressing problems and questions within our own society, researchers must reach beyond borders, where they can discover universal truths and trends that reflect the human experience, regardless of geographic location.


Living History Today

Connecting the lessons of history with the opportunities and challenges that students face brings stories of the past, present and future together for Associate Professor of History Ron Johnson.

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President Denise M. Trauth

Dr. Denise M. Trauth is the ninth president of Texas State University, having served in the role since 2002. During that time, the university has been designated one of the state's Emerging Research Universities as well as a federal Hispanic-Serving Institution.

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